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F A Q 'S Page


How much will it cost me?: The service has been launched as a FREE community service. You can send as many MMS photo's to the site as you like. You will be charged by your Network Service Provider for sending an MMS. How much will depend on the package you subscribed to, but typically is arround 25-30p.

What about Data Protection?: Please refer to the 'LEGAL' page where this is answered in detail.

Can anybody take a photo of me?: Absolutely, as long as they follow guidelines for Privacy Laws. eg They can't take your picture while you're in the shower through your bathroom window. What they do with the photo will decide whether you could lay charges against them or sue them. Sending the photo to SNAPiT8888 is in no way illegal and can not result in either criminal, nor civil charges. In SNAPiT8888's case, all photo's received will only be issued to the Police upon demand. Whether they publish the photo or not will be up to them and will follow the same rules regarding publication as photo's and CCTV footage, that is shown on the likes of Crimewatch, or in publications.

Why wouldn't I just send the photo to a friend?: Like SNAPiT8888, this is a workable solution, but has certain floors. Most importantly, the idea is to have a central repository so the Police know where to look if they dont have your handset, and you are not in a state to explain where you might have sent the information. You may well find that family and friends get sick of you sending messages at all hours, month after month. You may not want them to know that you are getting a dodgey cab at 4.00am, so you don't do anything - leaving yourself vulnerable.

I can see how this could help other people, smaller and more defenceless, but how would it benefit me, 6 foot and 16 Stones?: If you carry a laptop and get into a taxi at any point of the year, you should use this service. If you travel arround the World on holiday, you make yourself a little bit vulnerable. Like Insurance, if you dont have it when you realise you NEED it, it could cost you dearly.

If you have any further questions that are not answered here, please use the CONTACT page on the main site.


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