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Legal Page


Court Evidence: Upon request from the Police, SNAPiT8888 Ltd will supply the Police with a report, which will include the MMS pictures sent by a specified phone no, between specified dates. The main purpose of this report is to aid the Police with their investigations to aprehend criminals. If this 'evidence' is used in court to gain a conviction, this may be contested by the defence council. At this point an official decision will be made on its use as evidence and a precident will be set as to its admissibility.

Data Protection: The Data Protection Act was designed to protect the Public from the misuse of information regarding an individual collected by an organisation. Information collected by SNAPiT8888 Ltd will NOT be made available to anybody outside SNAPiT8888 Ltd, with the exception of the Police after an official request has been received. This complies with all aspects of the Data Protection Act as far as SNAPiT8888 Ltd's complience is concerned.

Invasion of Privacy: Taking a picture of somebody in public is not against the law. If it were, there would be no Paparazzi, and far fewer pictures in the newspapers and magazines. SNAPiT8888 Ltd does not in any way suggest that you wave your camera phone in front of strangers, and urges you to use discrecion, common sence and common decency when taking ANY photos with your handset.


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